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Helping Cowboys Heal

Healthcare Resources for Rural Communities.

Pat Potter

Founder and Incorporator

" I started CowboyCare because of the growing need for behavioral health services in rural communities. Cowboys, Ranch Hands, Range Managers, Ranchers, and Rodeo Athletes aren't immune from Substance Abuse and Mental Health. " -Pat Potter

We're here to help heal.


Substance Abuse

Mental Health

Cowboy'in and Cowgirl'in has been going on for decades. The amazing country we call the United States of America is home to approximately 700,000 ranches. Which is home to over 73,000 with a demographic of 78% male ranch hands and 22% female ranch hands, including ranchers and their families. The PRCA sanctions about 650 top-of-the-line multiple-event rodeos on the continent, in about 38 states. Many of the ranch hands compete but there are also those professionals that rodeo for a living.

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