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Cowboy at Work

Why donate?

CowboyCare is a 100% Not For Profit Organization dedicated to providing healthcare services to cowboys, ranch hands, ranchers, rodeo athletes and their families. Our mission is to ensure all members of our community have access to the care and support they need.

We are a volunteer operated organization and 100% of all donations are used to keep the lights on and pay for marketing, as well as subsidize treatment services. We are devoted to providing the best service possible and making sure that those in need get the help they deserve.

Our primary purpose.

At CowboyCare, we believe in providing compassionate and

personalized care to those in the rodeo and ranching community.

Our primary purpose is to help Cowyboys, Ranch Hands, Ranchers,

Rodeo Athletes and their families recover from substance abuse,

pain medication abuse resulting from injuries and cope with mental


We strive to provide comprehensive and effective treatment referrals,

creating a safe and secure environment for our clients. Our team of

experienced professionals is dedicated to helping our clients achieve

their goals on the road to recovery.

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