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Pat Potter

He's been in recovery since 1994.

Patrick Potter is a highly experienced professional in the field of substance recovery. With 30 years of experience, Pat has aided many clients with finding solutions to various mental health situations, from low acuity mental illness like ADHD to more serious issues like PTSD. Pat Potter and his team are committed to helping those who are struggling make positive and effective changes in their life.

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His Story

A Concrete Cowboy

Pat Potter is a seasoned professional with a remarkable journey of sobriety dating back to 1994. Over the past 30 years, he has dedicated his life to serving others. Pat's path into this calling was unique; he didn't initially aim for a career in the recovery industry. Instead, he chose crisis management as his primary vocation. This choice has honed his skills as a tactician and strategist, equipping him with the ability to anticipate and navigate the challenges people may encounter, making his situational awareness unparalleled.

Pat's expertise isn't solely based on life experience; he possesses a diverse and impressive educational background. With extensive culinary knowledge, certification as a drug and alcohol counselor, a Masters in Criminology, a Masters in Business, and a Juris Doctorate, he has cultivated a multifaceted skill set. The fusion of this comprehensive education with his wealth of life experience results in a truly dynamic and unique individual. Pat Potter's commitment to helping others and his diverse skill set make him a formidable force in crisis management and beyond.

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